About Us

Owners Mike Jackson & Mark Draper


With over 18 years of residential contracting experience,

we provide customized renovation services and construction solutions.  We take special pride in working on challenging and unique projects since it allows us to expand our portfolio and create masterpieces our clients truly appreciate.

Before starting a project, we sit down with each client to understand their vision and specialized needs. This initial assessment helps us determine:

  • Scope of Work- This way we can fully understand your project goals.
  • Aesthetic Requests- We design and finish the job based on your specified taste.
  • Budget- Costs are important. We pride ourselves in offering cost effective advice.

To ensure our clients get the best possible results within budget and keeping their safety in mind, we counsel them, challenge their ideas and recommend solutions  that can work.

After an initial consultation, we have a clear idea about the type of team we need to put together for a project. We call on crew members who have the right set of skills and expertise for each specific project.

Our clients choose us because at Jackson Draper Renovations, we provide high quality construction and renovation solutions at  fair market prices . Our formula for success is based on simple principles:

  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Unwavering commitment to quality, safety and client satisfaction.
  • Respect for budgets, deadlines and requirements.

For clients, such an experience can prove invaluable when it comes to their needs, scheduling and cost restrains. With complete peace of mind that we are looking out for their best interest, we offer a valuable benefit that you cannot find anywhere else.

Dedicated Staff

At Jackson Draper Renovations, we know that our organization is only as good as the people we place in the field. To that end, we are constantly upgrading our skills, certifications and resources to keep abreast of modern materials, construction methods and safety regulations.
This proactive approach allows our staff to complete projects on time, within budget and without compromising their safety. Through it all, we treat each project as if it is our own and ensure the very best care and craftsmanship that our clients have come to expect from us.